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Mother placed her baby in a warm oven

Swedish police suspect that the five months old baby was placed in a kitchen oven by his own mother. The boy’s condition is stable.

The little boy got second degree burns over his entire body after he was placed in a warm kitchen oven last weekend. His condition remains stable, stated to a spokeswoman at Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset in Gothenburg Thursday, according to the Norwegian news bureau.

“It’s a terrible story, but at least his condition is stable,” said Margreth Jonson.

The boy’s 30 year old mother was arrested Tuesday. It was allegedly the Swedish women who called and reported the incident.

“The child’s mother was arrested suspected of assault with the intent to kill,” said Harriet Persson, police inspector, to the news agency AFP.

Persson said she did not wish to comment the case further, and she stated that investigators will not discuss the case until the woman is charged, most likely in January.

The woman is allegedly currently admitted to a mental hospital.

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