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Mother sodium poisoned her baby

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KRISTIANSAND (TV 2 Nettavisen): A 28-year-old Norwegian woman who poisoned her own seven-month-old son with salt still has custody of the child. She says she just want to get on with her life.

She was arrested with a bag of salt in her purse, and spilled her beans. When the case comes before Oslo county court Thursday, the woman may face as much as six years in jail.

Social services removed the child from her care after the charge was filed, and gave the custody to the child’s father, but today, the small family is living together again under the same roof in Kristiansand.

“I want the least possible attention regarding this case,” the woman said to TV 2 Nettavisen. “I want to go on with my life, and I am going to continue to live with this family.”

She has admitted to the circumstances, and the main hearing is scheduled to take only one day.

Did not wish to harm the child

The woman has explained that she did not wish to harm her child, but she put salt in the baby’s food in order to be able to be with him at the hospital.

“The background for this was a crisis in the home,” said Knut Lindboe, her defense lawyer to the paper Fædrelandsvennen.

The charge is assault occasioning actual bodily harm under particularly aggravating circumstances, against a defenseless person.


She allegedly started to put salt in the baby’s food June 10. After the baby was admitted to the hospital, she continued, and the doctors were in the dark. When the boy and his mother were transferred to Ullevål Sykehus in Oslo, the doctors became suspicious.

The doctors found particularly high levels of sodium, and the child had clearly been poisoned. He got an IV, but his mother continued to added salt.

The woman has been observed by two forensic psychiatrists who have concluded that she is compos mentis, also at the time of the crime.

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