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Mullah Krekar reveals CIA methods

Mullah Krekar’s autobiography was launched today. In the book, he describes his meeting with Osama bin Laden and intelligence organizations hunt for him.

The autobiography is called «Med egne ord» (with my own words), and his publisher, Aschehoug forlag, has been protecting the script like it was a matter of national security.

However, according to sources who have read the book, it contains revealing descriptions of many of the interrogations Krekar has been forced to endure, according to TV 2 Nyhetene.

The CIA, the FBI, the British MI6, Dutch police and the Norwegian Police Security Service have used numerous hours trying to find sufficient evidence to connect the Mullah to different terror networks.

Mullah Krekar also describes his meeting with Osama bin Laden late in the 1980’s. In the book, he condemns bin Laden’s terror ideology.

Besides personal stories, the book allegedly contains a lot of Kurd and Islamic history.


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