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Murder suspect identified by his father

A man contacted the police as soon as he saw the pictures of the person wanted for murder of the Swedish Foreign Minister because the man in the pictures was his son.

17.09.03 10:22

The police managed to arrest the suspected perpetrator thanks to his father.

Successful tactics

The police released uncensored pictures from the mall’s surveillance camera this weekend. The pictures were of a dark haired man wearing a caps and a hooded sweater

The pictures were taken three minutes after Lindh had been murdered, and the police have all along suspected that the person in the pictures is identical to Lindh’s murderer. The police were hoping that someone would recognize the person.

And someone did.

Several relatives of the charged 35-year-old recognized him from the pictures, among these his own father.

Crystal clear

Furthermore, the police had access to better pictures than those that were made public and these pictures were shown to witnesses as they identified the arrested 35-year-old in a line up.

“We can confirm that the witnesses were crystal clear,” stated a source to Swedish paper Expressen.

Last night the suspect sat through a short questioning. At the time he denied that he had anything to do with the murder.

DNA leads

“If he is guilty can we connect him to the murder regardless of what he says during questioning,” said a police source to the paper.

The source is referring to the fact that they have DNA leads.

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