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Muslims march against violence

Noman Mubashir, 30, wants Muslims to participate in a march in Oslo to protest against terror, violence, and murder.

While Muslims in several countries have protested against religious extremism, Norwegian Muslims have chosen to remain passive. NRK journalist Noman Mubashir, 30, hopes people will take to the streets Saturday after he urged them to take a stand.

«As a Muslim and a known media personality, I wish to highlight that moderate Muslims in Norway opposes all type of violence and terror in society,» Mubashir said to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten. «It is important for meg to show that most Muslims in Norway just want to live in peace and harmony. I hope next generation will be able to do that.»

The media has reported several cases lately where extreme Muslims have carried out grave violent acts; the murder of the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh, November 2, is one example. The murderer called for holy war, Jihad. In Norway there were reactions when Zahid Mukhtar, lead of Islams Råd, stated on TV 2’s show «Holmgang» that he understood the reason for the murder.

Mubashir said he did not want this to be the last word uttered by Norwegian Muslims.

«If we remain silent and defensive, it may be perceived that Norwegian Muslims supports terror and violence,» Mubashir said. «I don’t want that on my conscious. I really hope that the 80,000 other Muslims in Norway agree with me.»

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