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Naked soldier played with machine guns

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Naked Norwegian soldiers star in a video the Jackass creators would be proud of. The video surfaced after the storage unit the soldiers guarded was robbed last week. Watch the video here.

The soldiers themselves made the film. It contains disturbing pictures of soldiers scaring their fellow soldiers with AG3 rifles, urinates out the window of the guard quarters, throwing a bayonet indoors, boiling urine, skiing after a military vehicle inside the military camp, in addition to many other things. One soldier claims the video’s timely appearance is connected with the recent weapon theft at the very same camp.

See the video here - registration required

Wednesday night one of the largest weapon thefts in Norwegian history went down at this particular military camp, Jørstadmoen at Lillehammer. The thief or thieves got away with 123 pistols and machine guns.

One of the soldiers behind the scandal video claims the Norwegian military use the film to remove focus from the weapon theft.

«It is interesting to see how the military moves the focus away from the actual scandal on Jørstadmoen; the fact that they are missing a bunch of rifles and pistols,» said one of the soldiers behind the video to TV 2 Nyhetene.

The soldier, who wants to remain anonymous, claimed the command has known of video for two years.

Brig. Geir Anda, head of the press and information department at the Norwegian military, reject the statement.

«This is not diversion. We are looking at the video as a separate case,» Anda said.

Responsible for security
The soldiers on guard duty are responsible for the security in the camp and for preventing break-ins and thefts. These soldiers are required to make rounds and one of the check points is the weapon storage that was broken into.

The soldiers in the movie are in most instances in uniforms, and they are therefore per definition on duty. Many of the scenes are from the guard room.

Obviously scared
In one scene, two soldiers decided to scare their two fellow soldiers with AG3 rifles. One of the soldiers with an AG3 walks over and sits down next to a fellow soldier and point the rifle at him. The two soldiers are clearly frightened. According to the video, the soldiers are not aware that the ammunition has been removed from the rifles.

One of the soldiers apparently feel so threatened that he finally stands up and leaves, when he returns, the aggressor pulls the trigger. The victim screams of fear, but calms down when he hears a click and understands that the weapon was not loaded. From the man’s body language and reaction it appears that the soldier is truly frightened.

In another scene a soldier is playing with a bayonet. He throws the weapon several times on a notice board in the hallway of a barracks.

The film also has a sequence where a soldier throws several weapons from stands to the floor. The film also pictures a naked soldier that plays around with the weapons inside the quarters, and throws the weapons on the sofa.

«This is a private video, the same kind the people make when on vacation, but our film is from the military,» said one of the soldiers participating in the video.

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