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Nazi boom on the web

Norwegian right-wing extremists are using the web to recruit and spread propaganda. The anti-racist magazine Monitor claims Kripos does little or nothing to stop the development.

According to Monitor, the number of right-wing websites in Norway has increased from 39 to 50 since last year, reported the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

«There are about 200 to 300 active right-wing extremists here,» said Tor Bach, editor of Monitor, to the paper. «We have discovered that they run about 50 websites. When one in six extremists runs a website, it’s obvious that they see the Internet as an important tool for propaganda and recruitment.»

It is Kripos, the National Crime Investigation Service in Norway, which is the main unit to fight racist websites. Monitor is now complaining about the work the unit is doing.

«We have surveyed Kripos’ annual reports from the last three years. The word racism does not exist in any of them,» Bach said. «At the same time the plan was compiled, Kripos was going to establish a hotline for racist websites. Today, two years later, there is still no phone number.»

Bach claims the Norwegian Police Security Service should have had the responsibility to keep tabs on the right-wing extremists, including the Internet.

According to Monitor, the Norwegian right-wing extremists are also very active on a number of chatting sites on the Internet.

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