Neighbourhood evacuated after bomb threat

The police evacuated a housing area in Hurum, Norway, and called in bomb experts from Oslo after a person parked a car containing explosives outside a house on Sunday.

18.08.03 09:16

265 people were evacuated from their homes on Sunday after a car full of explosives was parked in the neighbourhood, but were allowed back in their houses at around 9 pm.

"We found about one kilo of dynamite in the car but we have not found any release mechanism", said the police.

Family conflict

A family conflict started the drama on Sunday. The police received a tip-off about a family conflict at 1 pm but did not react as they received new information that the situation had calmed down.

This was not the case though. One of the parties threatened to blow up the other person's house. At 4 pm the police were told there was a car full of explosives parked outside the house.


At 5 pm the people who lived in houses near the parked car were evacuated.

The man who owns the car and who had threatened to blow up the house was arrested. The bomb experts started working on the car at 7 and finished removing the explosives a few hours later.

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