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New cancer medicine may replace chemo

Sist oppdatert:
A new type of medicine that treats cancer may within few years replace the painful cytotoxin treatment and radiation therapy.

The medicine has already been given to a few patients at the University Hospital of North Norway, reported the Norwegian radio channel P4.

The new medicine is described as having fewer side effects and increases the patients’ chances of surviving.

«Many compare this breakthrough with the invention of penicillin,» said Franz Grüber, senior resident at the University Hospital of North Norway, to P4.

Grüber said he has given the medicine to a few of his patients with a particular form of blood cancer. The pharmaceutical industry has stated that the medicine most likely will replace chemotherapy as a treatment of a number cancer types.

The new medicine differs from traditional chemotherapy and radiation by only the cancer cells, not all the cells in the body.

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