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New class division at SAS

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A new reality will face people travelling with SAS in Europe when SAS introduces its new class division.

Shortly the airline company will introduce a new class division on its fights in Europe, reported the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Næringsliv Tuesday. The people in front will be served champagne while the people in the back of the plane will get little or nothing.

The company is planning to hold a press conference in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm Monday August 23, to introduce its plans to get passengers.

According to the paper, SAS will introduce the new class division on all the European flights including SAS Braathens’ routes from Norway.

There will be three classes. In the way back of the plane, the Snowflake concept will be introduced and the passengers will not be served anything at all. These tickets will cost approximately 25 percent less than the cheapest tourist class tickets. It has not yet been established if the passengers on these tickets will be able to collect frequent flier miles, but they will most likely get half of the miles of ordinary tourist class tickets.

Economy class will remain practically the same.

Business class will be upgraded with better food and service. Most likely will also the amount of frequent flyer miles increase because the number of people who pay for a business class ticket is decreasing.

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