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Foto: Jørgen Berge (TV 2 Nettavisen)

New info connects Mullah Krekar to Spanish terror cell

Spanish police has for a long time been investigating a case which connects Mullah Krekar and his brother Khalid Faraj Ahmad to the terror network Al Qeada, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

The information was revealed in a 692 page long bill of indictment against terror suspect Barakat Yarkas, also known under the code name Ab Dahdah.

Yarkas was arrested in Spain November 2001, and he was charged for leading a Spanish terror cell consisting of 35 persons. Furthermore, he allegedly knew of the September 11 attack.

According to the charge, Yarkas allegedly asked Mullah Krakar’s brother Khalid Faraj Ahmad to help with a visa to get an extremist get into Norway, but because Krekar’s brother did not have a job, and the police denied his request.

According to VG, Khalid Faraj Ahmad, also known as Abu Faruk, allegedly called from his home in Norway to Spain to inform about the rejection.

Khalid Faraj Ahmad said to VG that he remembers well the telephone conversation in 1995. He said an unknown man called and wondered if he could arrange a visa for a man called Halak.

“He said that the person in question came to Norway to support the Kurds’ case. I said I would try and when I went to the police, they said I needed a job, and I did not have one,” Khalid Faraj Ahmad said.

He stressed that he had not spoken to the man after he informed him of the rejection.

Another man named in the charge was accused of meeting with Mullah Krekar to plan the recruitment of guerrilla leaders. Mullah Krekar denied that he knows the man in question.

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