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New law opens up for cell phone ads

It is now going to be easier to send ads as text or graphic messages to cell phones when the marketing law change in Norway.

The law change is based on a directive from the European Union, and if the proposal is accepted companies that already have a customer relation with a person will be allowed to send electronic ads for their own products or services within the same category the customer already have purchased, reported the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

Removes ban
There has formerly been a ban on sending ads to cell phones or by e-mail in Norway unless the customer had said they wanted to receive this information.

With the new law, the businesses may use customer lists to send ads to customer’s e-mails or cell phone numbers. The requirement is that the customer in an easy way can inform that they do not wish to have their information used for that type of direct marketing.

Does not stop spam
The opening for this type of ads is the exception in the new law which is an attempt to strengthen the rules regarding electronic ads. For example, it is becoming illegal to send electronic ads to physical persons without the person in question has approved it, and employees can thereby not receive advertisements at work.

If this worked in real life, the new law would have killed off spam once and for all, but it does not. Almost all the spam comes from the US where neither the EU nor Norway has jurisdiction and as a result it is impossible to stop spam or to drag the people responsible for it to court.

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