New political leader accused of sexual assault

Kristelig Folkeparti, logo, ingress

Kristelig Folkeparti, logo, ingress

Yet another member of the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party (KrF) is accused of sexual harassment.

13.08.03 13:19

The police confirm to have received a report about an incident that may be described as 'a sexual action against the will of the other person'. According to the police, the member of the political party is reported for breaking the general civil penal code on this point and the general punishment for breaking this act is one year in prison.

Two years ago

According to TV 2 the incident took place two years ago.

The woman who reported the KrF member to the police is not connected to the party herself.

Leader of the local branch of the party, Kari Austerheim Silde, said on Tuesday that she had not heard of the case and that she did not want to comment on it.

«I need to get this information from people I have confidence in. We will have to see if someone has something they want to tell me. It is not my job to run private investigations», Austerheim Silde told NTB.

Dumped as mayor candidate

On Monday it was decided that former mayor candidate in KrF Rogaland, Jan Birger Medhaug, is no longer wanted as a candidate for the election this autumn.

Medhaug was charged with rape of a former girlfriend earlier this summer. The case was dismissed but both parties appealed the decision.

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