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New UN job for Blix

Foto: Øyvind Ludt
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Hans Blix, known as the leader of the UN’s weapon inspectors, is not at all retiring, but taking on new challenges, heading a new UN committee.

Blix is going to play a key role in the battle against terrorism and weapons mass destruction.

Blix became world famous because of his integrity and his opinions when he was heading the weapon inspector team who was looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As they found nothing, Blix was very much against the US’ attack on Iraq based on the argument that the country was a threat.

UN commission

Blix stated that he was going to retire after he resigned from the job as weapon inspector; however, the plans were changed. Blix is going to head another UN organization, writes the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, according to the paper Aftonbladet.

The commission will consist of 12 experts from different countries, but the names have not yet been made public. The commission’s main function will be to present concrete suggestions to prevent the spreading of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. In 2 years time, concrete ideas will be presented for the UN and the world’s governments.

“We are hoping for realistic, but far-reaching suggestions,” said Henrik Salander, the commission’s general secretary, to Svenska Dagbladet.

Lindh's suggestion

It was Anna Lindh, the Swedish foreign minister who was assassinated earlier this fall, who asked Blix to take the job. The first meeting will be held in Sweden in January.

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