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Nine years for white collar crime

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Businessman Trond Kristoffersen was sentenced to nine years in jail Tuesday, the strictest sentence ever given for white collar crime in Norway. He declared he will file an appeal.

19.10.04 12:09

The so-called Financial Credit case against Kristoffersen and his partner has been one of the most discussed cases of economic crime in Norway. Just after 9 a.m. Tuesday, Kristoffersen was sentenced to nine years in jail for a number of crimes.

The sentence given from Oslo county court was the strictest ever given in a financial case.

Kristoffersen held his composure when the sentence was read, and said that he is looking forward to another round in the judicial system.

«I was surprised by the sentence, and I had hoped that the court would not view the case so biased as the court has done from day one,» Kristoffersen said. «The sentencing is severe.»

File an appal
The Finance Credit entrepreneur said he has already decided to file an appeal. The main reason is that he felt that he has not gotten an adequate defense in the case.

When asked if he feels any guilt, Kristoffersen said:

«We created a business what went belly up, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is not coincide with nine years in jail,» Kristoffersen said.

In addition, Kristoffersen is sentenced to pay NOK 1.2 billion (USD 182 million) in compensation to his creditors.

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