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«Ninja» robber wanted tip-off money

Sist oppdatert:
After robbing a gas station dressed as a ninja warrior, the robber himself allegedly called the local paper to make some extra cash.

The robber who walked into a gas station in downtown Arendal around 5 a.m. Tuesday and threatened the person on duty to hand over money, apparently wanted to get a hold of some more cash.

Some petty change
After robbing the gas station around 5 a.m., he allegedly called the local paper to give them an eye witness description of the crime. The reason was that he, according to Agderposten, only got his hands on some petty change after the robbery. The man now wanted to get a hold of some more money by tipping off the paper.

He told the paper that he had seen the robber.

«I saw a man run into the gas station. He was wearing something that looked like a ninja hood, carrying a knife, and he had a sword sticking up from the back of his pants.»

Left his name and number
The man left both his name and number and insisted that the tip money had to be awarded to him of the best tip-off.

However, when the police viewed the tape from the video surveillance cameras there was nothing which indicated that the robber had a ninja mask on, and this made the police wonder.

The police could, however, confirm that the robber had something unidentified sticking up from the back of his pants, where a ninja sword is most likely placed.

The police decided that there certainly was something that did not quite ad up. Around 7:30 a.m. yesterday, the man was arrested by the police.

Rune Boye, special officer at Arendal police station, said Tuesday to TV 2 Nettavisen, that the robber had only gotten away with some cash.

«When it comes to the statement that the robber and the person who tipped-off the paper is the same person, I don’t know anything about that,» Boye said to TV 2 Nettavisen Wednesday morning. «I have not been informed by the Agderposten who tipped them off about the case.»

He stated that the accused was questioned Tuesday and he will be questioned again on Wednesday.

«I do not wish to comment on what the man has said during the questioning,» Boye said.

According to Boye, the accused has as of yet not admitted to the robbery.

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