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No change in travel advisory to Egypt

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not change its travel advisory to Egypt after the bomb explosion in Taba Friday.

The car bomb, which exploded outside the Hilton hotel at the vacation spot Taba Friday morning, killed 19 persons. One Norwegian citizen was staying at the hotel, but escaped the terror unharmed.

Two persons were killed in bomb attacks at other locations in the area.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Norwegian tourists to stay away from Taba in the time to come, but the Ministry has not issued a warning against other locations in Egypt.

«At the time being, we do not wish to change our travel advisories, but we do conduct continuous evaluations,» said Eirik Bergesen, information officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Taba is located on the Sinai Peninsula by the Red Sea. According to Bredesen, Taba is not a usual travel destination for Norwegian tourists.

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