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No proven connection between Iran and Statoil

No documents, which prove that persons in Iran have been involved in corruption in connection with Statoil’s agreement with Horton Investment, have been located.

The message that nothing has been uncovered to prove that people in Iran have been involved corruption with Statoil’s agreement with Horton Investment, was issued by the official Iranian news bureau IRNA Thursday. The agency quotes an anonymous source.

Hashemi and Horton
In addition, the Iranian parliament has not managed to document a connection either. According to the report the parliament presented Wednesday, it has found any evidence that there ever was an agreement between Mehdi Hashemi and Horton, according to the news agency TDN Finans.

Hashemi, who is the son for Iran’s former president, was allegedly Statoil’s advisor in connection with Statoil’s consultancy agreement.

«There is no evidence of payment to Hashemi in accordance to the accusations,» the report stated.

Internal corruption in Statoil
The IRNA source stated, «according to the documents and proofs we found (¿) the whole case has been a cover-up for internal corruption in Statoil. It appears as a political move against Iran, particularly to hit people who are active in the Iranian political circles, as well in the competition between oil companies and the countries which have interest in being involved.»

Hashemi has stated that he is still considering suing Statoil and media in Norway which issued news about the corruption accusations against him.

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