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No SAS passenger lists to the US

SAS will not be forced to send over its passenger lists to American authorities after all.

The US has informed that it is not going to force European airlines to present personal information about their passengers who are travelling to and from the United States after all.

“This is really good news,” said Siv Meisingseth, information officer at Scandinavian Airlines to the Norwegian news bureau. “We have been sceptical to putting such information into the computer system. In our opinion it’s not the right thing to do.”

As a part of their war on terror, American authorities wanted direct access to the airlines booking systems, which among other things includes travel plans, credit card numbers, health information and if the traveller had particular food preferences.

The American conditions were posted last Easter and the companies had to accept the requirements within a month, but the SAS group and other European airlines immediately refused.

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