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No special treatment for Norwegian jailbirds

The two Norwegian business men sentenced to serve in an American prison will receive no special treatment. Kitchen duty lies straight ahead for the two of them.

Bjørn Sjaastad, director of the company Odfjell, and Erik Nilsen, head of freighting, entered into a settlement with American authorities Monday. The settlement involves serving time at a minimum security camp in four and three months respectively, according to the Norwegian paper Bergensavisen.

“I do not know what this kind of serving involves,” Sjaastad said at a press conference Monday afternoon.

According to the paper, the two men are sentenced to serve time at a federal prison breaching American federal law, and that this is the mildest form of loss of liberty.

“There are no fences and no walls, but this does not mean that they are free to do what ever they like,” said Sven Jones, PR special advisor at Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBP) to the paper.

Jones stated that most likely the business men have kitchen duty, and most inmates are car thieves.

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