NOAS wants asylum police back from abroad

Norwegian organization for Asylum seekers (NOAS) demands that the government calls home the Norwegian police officers who are stationed abroad to prevent that asylum seekers with fake documents get a passage to Norway.

The police officers prevent people without a real need for protection to come to Norway to seek asylum, but NOAS is critical to the work these police officers do, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

«It is morally unacceptable to send out police to prevent asylum seekers to reach the Norwegian border,» said Rune Berglund Steen at NOAS. «We urge the government to call their officers back. They are stopping people who are on the run. The police are not conducting an evaluation of the asylum seekers situation or what is going to happen to them. In many instances, Norwegian authorities worsen their cases.»

Police officers from Norway’s International Crime Unit (Kripos) are among other places stationed in Dubai and Bulgaria, and in periods on the airport in Bangkok. They are collaborating with airlines and immigration authorities to prevent that people with fake documents enter the Nordic region.

According to Arne Huuse, head of Kripos, claim that the police officers do not prevent people in need, but stop smuggling of people and persons who on fake accounts want a better life.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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