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Olav Boksasp
Olav Boksasp Foto: Heiko Junge/SCANPIX

Nordic "Champions League" next autumn

Sist oppdatert:
A Nordic "Champions League" may become a reality next year. The Norwegian football organisation Norsk Toppfotball launched the plans at a press conference on Thursday.

Football organisations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are all positive towards the plans. The idea is to let the three best teams from the three countries play each other at home and away.

"We have done some research and the high profile clubs in Norway are all interested", said Olav Boksasp at Norsk Toppfotball.

The autumn is normally dedicated to Champions League as Rosenborg has been doing well there for the last eight years.

This year, though, it looks like the Scandinavian teams will struggle to come very far. Even if Rosenborg should make it, it would be possible to juggle the matches in the Scandinavian championship to make it work.

At the moment the football organisations are on the lookout for a major sponsor for the new league.

"We are looking for sponsors. The championship is meant to be a financial contribution to the clubs as well, which means some sort of prize system. But the winning team will not win a place in the Champions League or other international tournaments", said Per Ravn Omdal at Norsk Toppfotball.

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