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Nordic region is a safe haven for terrorists

According to a Danish terror expert, the Scandinavian countries have become a safe haven for extreme Muslim groups like Al Qaeda, due to their liberal immigration laws.

“Denmark has been a safe refuge for several terrorists, and that is a fact,” said Ruhan Gunaratna, terror expert, at a conference organized by the Danish Police Security Service (PET) in Copenhagen, Denmark, Monday.

Lars Findsen, head of PET, admits that Denmark is an attractive base for terror networks like Al Qeada, but he is not afraid that the terrorists will make Denmark at target.

“The risk of terror actions against Danish interests in Denmark is rather small,” Findsen said, according to the Swedish news bureau TT. “However, that does not mean that there is no risk at all, and that this risk is not going to increase in the future.”

Gunaratna is a sought after speaker of on the subject of terror and he has spoken about the Al Qaeda at the American Congress and at FN. He stated that Osama bin Laden is most certain active as one of the trigger of terror actions, but he claims that it is also a mistake by the US and other Western countries to only focus on the Al Qaeda.

Gunaratna claims the number of Al Qaeda members has decreased from 4000 to 1000 individuals after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and that groups from Algeria, Tunis and Morocco are the new threats.

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