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Norway's weapon amnesty successful

The one year long weapon amnesty where people could hand in weapons, no questions asked, has been a success. The police have received about 40,000 weapons.

About 40,000 weapons have allegedly been handed in to the police during the one year long weapon amnesty that ended August 31, reported the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

The police had hoped to receive about 5,000 weapons.

The National Police Directorate (POD), which will present the total number to the Ministry of Justice, did not wish to comment on how many weapons it had received, but sources within the directorate stated to Aftenposten that the number may end at more than 40,000.

Kripos, the National Crime Investigation Service in Norway, hoped that the weapons may provide some answers in connection the 200 murder cases which remain unsolved. Kripos has already checked 1500 of the weapons.

«So far we have not been able to connect any of the handed in weapons to any crime cases, but our surveys may still provide interesting results,» said Life Øren, police superintendent at Kripos.

Most of the weapons that have been handed in are shotguns or rifles from the WWII, but also modern hand weapons and automatic weapons have been handed in.

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