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Norway establishes an asylee jail

The old military barracks at Ullensaker, outside Oslo, will become Norway’s first asylee jail. As of January 1, as many as 200 criminal asylees and individuals without valued reason for seeking asylum will be detained at the camp while they are waiting for deportation.

It is becoming an increasing problem for the Norwegian authorities that individuals who have been denied asylum disappear.

200 individuals can be detained and secured behind a tall fence at Trandum while they are waiting to be deported, according to the local paper Romerikes Blad.

Furthermore, the police have established a special unit which will deal exclusively with immigration cases.

“223 people will be connected to the police’s new specialty unit, and we will work closely with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration on asylee cases nation wide,” said Knut Holen, head of the new specialty unit (PSU), to the paper. “The facility, or the so-called asylee jail, has been located at Trandum because of practical reasons since the old military facility is located close to the main airport at Gardermoen.”

“We are going to provide an effective process after the decision to deport them have been reached,” Holen said. “It will be our job as a specialty unit to find the people who run, in addition to establish where they are from, get passports, and ensure that they are deported within 72 hours after the decision has been reached or a rejection has been issued.”

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