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Norway humiliated at home

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ULLEVAAL (TV 2 Nettavisen): The European playoff match against Spain went as every Norwegian feared. It ended horribly, and the coach of the All-Norwegian team made a sad exit.

NORWAY-SPAIN 0-3: The Norwegian team was out of its league when it met one of the best teams that ever visited Ullevaal stadium. The crowed booed as Nils John Semb, the head coach, left the field and his job after the all too crushing defeat.

“If it was embarrassing?” Semb repeated. “No, it was not at all embarrassing. This is what soccer is; sometimes you just meet team that is getter than you. We can’t play better than what the opponent allows. I can’t stress that enough. Spain was at a totally different level than us.”

Even Collina, the referee, must have thought the game was embarrassing to watch, and in crushing sympathy for the Norwegian team, he ended the game two seconds too early. At the time, the audience that was still at the stadium – people had started to leave as soon as after 56 minutes – started to boo.

“I understand the audience’s disappointment,” Semb said. “Everyone was hoping that we were going to make it. I understand that someone is disappointed that we didn’t.”

Semb’s last game was nothing short of a disappointment and a sad ending of his career as coach for the All-Norwegian team.

Nils Johan Semb.
Nils Johan Semb.

“To be head of the All-Norwegian team has been a hard and demanding job,” Semb said. “We have broken some barriers, we took Norway to its first European Championship, and the first play off. I think we have had good results on average.”

He had coached Norway in 68 games, where of 29 were victories, 21 ties, and 18 losses, total score 89-61. Of all head coaches of the All-Norwegian team only Egil "Drillo" Olsen has achieved better results.

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