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«Norway is a poodle»

The leader of the Socialist Left party called Norway «a poodle» in the debate before the showing of Michael Moore’s «Fahrenheit 9/11.»

«Norway is a poodle, we just follow the US and do not speak up in Washington,» said Kristin Halvorsen, head of the Socialist Left party, during the debate put on by Tellhim.no. «We didn’t say anything about unworthy treatment of prisoners either. However, Norway is mentioned again and again by Bush to illustrate that he has international support.»

The organization Tellhim.no is collecting money to an ad in the Washington Post where their criticisms of the Iraq war and President Bush’s foreign police will be clearly stated. They are about NOK 500,000 (USD 73,330) short of being able to pay for a full page ad.

After seeing Michael Moore’s controversial film, Halvorsen said:

«It was an effective propaganda film, I do not view it as a documentary, but it does contain enough fact to discuss all the same. It is a film that takes things a little far, but it effectively indicates that people pay with their lives for their lies.»

That was a point that her opponent in the debate, Lars Rise from the Christian Democrats (KrF), agree on.

«The film documents the lie which was presented before the war,» Rise said. «I think it’s sad that Bush took this step. The support for the US was formidable just after September 11, and there could have been an effective war against terror, but it was crushed when Bush decided to go to war against Iraq.»

Moore’s «Fahrenheit 9/11» will have premier on Norwegian movie theatres Friday, August 27. As many as 19 copies of the film will circulate, and the temperature is expected to increase as Norwegian moviegoers hear Moore’s message.

Moore was awarded the Palme d’Or for the documentary in Cannes.

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