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Norway lost miserably

Norway got a tough lection in how to play ball when they lost 1-4 against Brazil in their second World Championship game in group B Wednesday night.

NORWAY-BRAZIL 1-4: The Norwegian women got the worst possible start in the game when Daniela gave her team a well deserved lead after 25 minutes. The San Diego Spirit player nailed the ball low in the corner right next to Bente Nordby.

Not quite there

Brazil was on the go again 11 minutes later, and Rosana made a goal when she headed the ball from a free kick. Brazil was now leading 2-0.

“We were not quite there during the first half,” said Åge Steen to the TV channel NRK after the game.

It appeared as if the Norwegian players at times were standing there sleeping while the Brazilian team had a free range.

Norway managed to score one goal one minute before the break, when Marianne Pettersen appeared as from nowhere and headed in a beautiful goal.

However, the Brazilian team was not done, even if the Norwegians improved in the second half.

“We thought we got back into the game again the beginning of the second half, but unfortunately we didn’t make it,” explained Steen.

Then Marta and Katia each scored a goal for the Brazilian team, and now it appears that Brazil may be the winner in group B.

Must win

Norway MUST win against South Korea on Saturday in order to tag along to the quarter finals. To win in the group is just about impossible, and they will probably meet the US in the quarter finals.

“We had a bad day, and now we are just forced to win the next game. We will make a strong come back,” Steen promised.

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