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Norway may not fulfill Kyoto demands

Norway will most likely not be able to comply with the requirements in the Kyoto agreement and is among the worst when it comes to reaching the goals to reduce CFC emissions.

15 countries appear to be able to meet the demands of the Kyoto agreement, while 21 countries are nowhere near their goals. Norway is one of these, and according to the UN, among the one third of countries which is the furthest away from succeeding, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

“The pollutant emission quotas were probably too low to begin with,” said Steinar Sørensen CEO at Grid Arendal, an information centre falling under UN’s environmental program UNEP. “We have also started some new oil and gas fields which make it more difficult to reach the goals.”


Sørensen claims that politicians must prioritize differently.

“It’s important that politicians make demands which the industry is required to work towards,” Sørensen said to VG.

Norway has to reduce its emissions with 17 percent within 2010 to comply with Kyoto, while Denmark has to reduce its emissions with 31 percent and France with 5.7 percent.

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