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Norway most expensive in Europe

Norway is the most expensive country in Europe when it comes to electronics and ordinary consumer goods, according to an international price survey.

The website Pricerunner.com has conducted surveys of prices in Norway and 16 other western European countries periodically, and Norway has once again, for the second consecutive year, been appointed the most expensive country in Europe, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

In average, Norwegian prices are 44 percent higher compared with to the rest of Europe on the 44 items checked. Cigarettes, alcohol, gas and hamburgers are extremely expensive in Norway.

In addition, consumer electronics is exprensive in Norway. In Austria, Norwegian consumers may save as much as 40 percent on products like digital cameras and DVD players compared to Norwegian prices. Austria was the second cheapest country, while Italy is the cheapest.

The Nordic countries occupies the four top slots on the list over the most expensive countries in Europe with Norway on top and Sweden in fourth place.

However, Norway is the cheapest country to buy one of the 44 products. The item in question is the perfume Poeme Eau de Perfume which only costs NOK 541 (USD 78) in Norway, but in Greece the price is NOK 843 (USD 122).

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