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Norway plays Spain in playoff

(Foto: Jon Hagebø, TV 2 Nettavisen)
Norway got the worst possible opponent in the playoff in the European Championship in soccer. Norway plays Spain November 15.

“What can I say? We had in advance decided that the Netherlands would be the worst possible opponent, then Spain, but that is the way it goes. It is a big challenge, but we just have to get going,” said a slightly shocked Nils Johan Semb, the All Norwegian team’s head coach after the draw.

Must believe

Spain is number three in the FIFA ranking and is apparently several notches better than Norway.

“It is a team with number one players. It is extremely challenging,” Semb said.

“Is it really possible for Norway to beat Spain combined after two games?”

“Of course, you must believe that it is possible. Now we are going to work to get a good starting point in Spain before the first game,” Semb said.

Beat them in 2000

Norway is therefore not the favorite, but one should not forget that Norway did beat Spain 1-0 in the European Championship 2000 under the direction of Nils Johan Semb.

“Yes, we beat them in the European Championship, but there are new players and a new team. We are going to work really hard until the game and sell ourselves really expensive,” Semb promised.

Spain impressed greatly when the team recently won 3-0 against rival and Championship organizer Portugal. Just a couple of days later Portugal won 1-0 at Ullevaal station without working too hard. This is an indication of the strength of the teams.

The games:

Latvia – Turkey

Scotland – The Netherlands

Croatia – Slovenia

Russia – Wales

Spain – Norway

The countries which are listed first have home games November 15, and the return games are played November 19.

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