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Norwegian "Calendar girls" gave everything

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Kristiansand, Norway (TV 2 Nettavisen): Women in the pietistic town of Kristiansand shed their clothes and had their pictures taken when the local movie theatre wanted to make its own calendar to collect money to the cancer ward at the local hospital.

“Of course it is scary, but it is fun too,” said Jeanne Bertelsen from Vennesla, who took of her clothes, put on a tiny nurse outfit and was pictured with her girlfriends.

Inspired by the movie “Calendar girls” and the real women from Britain, Kristiansand Kino invited women to shed their clothes in order to make a calendar of their own to collect money for the cancer ward at Sørlandet sykehus.

“No one can come here and say that women from Sørlandet are pietistic,” said Renato Langfeldt.

Langfeldt is photographer who took the pictures for free in order to help the movie theatre with its project and ensure that the money went to the people who really need it.

The hope is to collect NOK 150,000 (USD 21,000) from the sale which will be available next month.

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