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Norwegian activist arrested in Finland

A Norwegian Greenpeace activist was arrested in Finland Monday in connection with a protest against the building of the world's largest nuclear power plant. A total of eight activists were arrested.

The protest took place at the head quarters of Industriens kraft (TOV). Activists from nine countries participated, and the 40 participants were wearing Santa Clause costumes.

According to Greenpeace, Hanna Barfod from Langesund, Norway, was arrested while she was handing out instructions for new safety routines for nuclear power plants at the head quarters.

“Some of the activists had chained themselves inside the offices, and the police had to cut them loose,” stated the police in Helsinki, Finland, to FNB.

Several of the activists got onto the building’s roof, but the police have not taken any action against them yet.

Both the power company Fortum, which is about to buy itself into Norway, and the Nordic bank Nordea are involved in the building of the world’s largest nuclear reactor in Finland.

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