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Norwegian breast upsets Swedish parents

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Upset parents rage after Monday’s episode of a Christmas show for children showed a scene where a boy touches his teacher’s breasts.

Norwegian actress Maria Bonnevie’s breasts have become a much discussed subject in Sweden after the Christmas show for children “Håkan Bråkan” sent an episode where the main character, Axel Skoglund, felt her breast.

Children’s show

It’s a children’s show, and there have been many reactions from viewers. Ursula Hägenström, information officer at Svergies Televisjon, stated to TV 2 Nettavisen that the television channel has received more than 140 calls from people who have been upset by the sexual scene.

Norwegian actress Maria Bonnevie plays the character of the teacher Veronica in the series. Both Håkan Bråkan and his father Rudolf were very fascinated by Bonnevie’s breasts in Monday’s episode.


Rudolf, played by Per Svensson, had problems keeping his eyes off the teacher’s chest. He wondered if the woman had a breast enlargement.

According to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, Håkan takes it one step further and decides that her breasts are “just unbelievable huge.”

According to the paper, several people have reacted by reporting the series to the board of governors of the Swedish broadcasting System.

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