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Norwegian businesses support pirates

Several large Norwegian companies like Canon Norge and DnBNOR indirectly support illegal file sharing and file sharing sites by purchasing ad space.

Several large Norwegian companies unknowingly support illegal file sharing. Canon, DnBNOR, and creditcard.no have ads on the file sharing site SuprNova, something which means income for SuprNova, according to the website ITpro.

This is surely not the only page where pirate copied material is available for free downloading, and where ad banners and pop-ups from Norwegian companies appear.

«It’s definitely unfortunately that professional Norwegian players choose to advertise on websites that promote pirate coping,» said Eilert Hanoa, head of the anti pirate copy organization BSA, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

«We expect that in these cases it is a service that places the advertisements so that the advertisers themselves have not actively chosen to advertise on this page, but all players should regardless ensure that their advertisements only appear on pages that follow Norwegian law.»

The reason for the advertisements is most likely that the advertisers have bought ad space with an advertisement network where SuprNova.org is registered.

Tanja Østerberg, head of information at Canon Norway, said she is far from pleased that Canon advertises on a file sharing site.

«I was not aware of this,» Østerberg said to TV 2 Nettavisen. «We at Canon are very much against pirate copying, and we have also been hit by the problem. If this information is correct, I am going to make sure the ads are deleted.»

DnBNOR is not pleased with the connection either.

«I do not know how it is bought, we use media agencies for quality assurance,» said Eivind Grønstad, head of information at DnBNOR.

«We do not wish to advertise on pages which can be viewed as unethical or which may put DnBNOR in an unfortunate light. We have clear instructions to the media agencies, and in our experience it works well. If it is established that we advertise on a website that operates illegal, it is a breach of our regulations.»

SuprNova is registered in Slovenia, and the website is run by Andrej Preston.

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