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Norwegian children get 17 gifts on average

A survey reveals that Norwegian children get 17 Christmas gifts each on average. The movement Future in Our Hands says everything is about to spin out of hand.

According to the survey conducted by MMI, half the children get between 6 and 15 gifts for Christmas, while only four percent get less than six gifts at Christmas.

“Children should of course get presents for Christmas, but I think it’s getting out of hand,” said Aril Hermstad at Future in Our Hands to the agency Pressekontoret. “I think the children have problems relating to all the gifts. The number of gifts are likely even higher now than in 2001, when this survey was conducted.”

Hermstad said he thinks all these presents make children spoiled.

“They are used to get many material gifts at Christmas, and they will demand equally much next time,” Hermstad said.

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