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Norwegian director casts American stars

When the Norwegian director Bent Hamer received the prize for the best movie last year from Norsk Filmkritikerlag, he announced that Matt Dillion and Marisa Tomei will have the leading roles in his next movie.

The film critics’ prize was awarded for the 40th time yesterday by Norsk Filmkritikerlag, the film critics’ union in Norway, a member of Fédéation Internationale de la Press Cinématographique. Hamer was awarded the prize of the best Norwegian film for «Salmer fra Kjøkkenet», with the English title «Kitchen stories», a film that has had great success abroad as well.

«I’m actually apart of the group who read news papers, and I read the reviews with curiosity and excitement», Hamer said, when he received his prize.

At a press conference, the director revealed that he has gotten Matt Dillion and Marisa Tomei on board for his next movie, which is based on Charles Bukowski’s life and work. The filming will start this summer, if not earlier, and he said the movie would be ready for the Cannes festival next year.

«I don’t know the exact date because whey you work with American actors you never know when you can get started», Hamer explained. «They have always a million things going on all at once».

Hamer said he is proud of his cast, but said that there are not any great differences between making movies in the US compared to Norway.

The filming will be done in 24 days in Minneapolis, MN. Hamer is bringing along his own camera crew, but he is using American actors for the movie.

The film has been titled «Factotum», and the scrip is written by himself and co-producer Jim Stark.

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