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Norwegian goes nuts on plane

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When a Norwegian passenger tried to open the emergency exit of a Thai Air plane in midair, five persons were required to restrain him.

The unruly passenger was tied to a chair and gagged.

The 40-year-old man created large problem for the crew and the 216 passengers at the Thai Air flight from Bangkok to Copenhagen.

Got a shot

The trouble started as early as one hour before take-off, when the Norwegian started harassing people. The crew tried to calm the man, but without any luck. At 10,000 meters, the man suddenly tired to open one of the emergency exits, reports the Swedish paper Expressen.

Part of the crew and the several of the passengers had to hold the man while a Danish doctor gave the 40-year-old man a shot of sedatives. The shot was apparently not enough to sedate him so the crew cuffed him and tied him to a chair.

Remembers little

The man was also gagged to stop his yelling. He was strapped to the chair for about 10 hours until the plane landed in Copenhagen. Well on the ground, the man was handed over to the police.

During the police questionings, the man claimed that he remembered nothing of the flight, except that he was fed like a baby by a stewardess, according to the paper.

After the questioning the man was released and he was allowed to continue on to Norway. The case will now be handed over to the Norwegian police, and the 40-year-old can expect severe reprimands for his stunt.

Danish police have charged his for putting his fellow passengers’ life in danger and for hitting a stewardess.

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