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Norwegian golf pro moves to the US

The Norwegian golf talent Suzann Pettersen has gotten a spot in the sun among the world’s best golfers, but she is not satisfied with that. She wants to be become even better, and she packs her bags and heads for the States.

Suzann Pettersen has decided to follow the example of migrating birds and go where it is warmer and lighter longer since the Norwegian climate which makes it impossible to play golf year around.

She is buying a house in Florida, so that she can live and train there eight months out of a year.

“We are never letting go of our Norwegian belay, but it is impossible to become better in golf while living in Norway during the winter. In addition, we look at some other things as well, like tactics and use of different courses. There are things that nobody else use today, and which I don’t want to disclose,” said Jan Ove Nystuen, her manager, to the paper VG.

Pettersen is now concentrating on taking the step up the next level next to the world pro Annika Sörenstam.

“I have proved that I mentally have what it takes, but there is much I can do to become a better player,” Pettersen said.


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