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Norwegian harbors will be closed off

Ordinary Norwegians will be denied access to Norwegian harbors used by foreign ships as of July 1, 2004, because of new international rules to prevent terror.

Harbor areas with international traffic will be closed off with high fences, surveillance cameras, and movement sensors. The areas will be under constant surveillance and everyone inside must be able to present IDs.

The new security measures will cost about NOK 500 million (USD 71.4 million,) according to Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Also companies who have international ships visiting their areas must be closed off and guarded.

The new measures against terror have been pushed through by the US in the UN’s shipping organization IMO. The requirements were approved in December 2002, and many fear that Norwegian harbors and the affected companies will not be prepared in time.

Norway has asked IMO to make the introduction of the new requirements gradual, but IMO lead in the hem by the US have flatly denied to any gradual measures. Everything must be in place by July 1.

A ship must be able to prove that it left a terror proof harbor in order to get into another to another, and if the ship does not originate from such a harbor, it will be denied access.

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