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Norwegian heavy weight is favorite for giant mission

As the grandest development contract along the Norwegian coast in ages is about to be awarded, Aker Kværner appears to be the absolute favorite.

Norsk Hydro is working hard to prepare the exploitation of the largest gas find on the Norwegian shelf ever. The Ormen Lange field in the North Sea was found in 1997, and the gas is supposed to be transported south to customers in Great Britain and on the Continent by 2007.

Ormen Lange is located at 800 and 1000 meters depth, and all of the production equipment at sea is going to be placed on the sea bed. The gas will be transported by pipelines to a giant processing plat on the coast of Møre.

According to the trade magazine Upstream, the contract will be awarded as early as before Christmas. Aker Kværner is working with FMC at Kongsberg on the contract, and the company is a favorite.

The contract has a value of NOK 1.1 to 1.5 billion before tax. Aker Kværner and FMC’s biggest rival in the fight for the contract is ABB.

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