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Norwegian Iraq soldiers frustrated

(Forsvaret/Kjetil Eide, NCC Irak II)
The Norwegian soldiers, who returned home from Iraq Monday, are frustrated because of the missing support in Norway.

A total of 130 soldiers returned home Monday after serving six months in Basra, southern Iraq, and they feel there is little support in Norway for the work they have done, reported the Norwegian news bureau (NTB).

«The soldiers are very frustrated,» said Col. Tor Helge Moen, to the Norwegian television channel NRK. «A collected Storting majority was behind them going there, but there has been a lot of discussion after than.»

The soldiers are frustrated by the antiwar attitude in Norway among oppositional politicians and among people in general.

«The absolute worst thing is that the immediate family and friends have started to question whether or not they are doing a good job down there,» Moen said.

Deputy chief Eivind Solberg at Befalets Fellesorganisasjon (BFO) urges the government and Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik to support the Norwegian soldiers who have served in Basra.

«It took four years before the prime minister went out and called the limited military organization on Balkan for war,» Solberg said. «It has always been a point stressed by BFO to call a spade a spade. I think it is damaging people’s opinion that the work is done by burring this in some type incomprehensible politician language.»

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