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Norwegian Kurt - the new favorite

(Foto: Fremantle/Reuters/Scanpix)
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Norwegian Kurt Nilsen was one of the few contestants who got a positive review from the feared Simon Cowell in “World Idol,” suddenly making him a favorite among the bookmakers.

The odds on Kurt Nilsen went from ten to six on Centrebet after he received his positive reviews from Cowell, and Nilsen has now even greater chance of winning the music competition.

“You really have an amazing voice,” Cowell said according to the Norwegian paper VG.

He claimed that Nilsen definitely is one of the finalists, but he did not think that Kurt would win the competition.

Best on the radio?

Cowell did not let the opportunity to be nasty pass unused, and said that Kurt probably had better chances on the radio.

The final shots for “World Idol” were made completed Tuesday night, and the show will be sent in the countries participating as early as this Christmas. The TV audience will then have the opportunity to vote on their favourite. The audience is not allowed to vote for their own country’s participant so Nilsen must therefore also charm the audience in other countries in order to have a chance of making the final.

English in the lead

According to the paper, the major favorites are American Kelly Clarkson, Australian Guy Sebastian, and British Will Young. The latter was recently elected this year’s pop sensation at Brit Awards.

Kurt Nilsen said he was pleased with his performance of U2’s “Beautiful Day.”

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