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Norwegian letters have problems in cyberspace

Sist oppdatert:
Norwegians could finally use Internet addresses with Norwegian letters from the middle of February, however, it does not work in real life.

Without additional instalments of programmes or conversion of Internet addresses, the Norwegian letters do not work in domaine names.

Even if there are websites on the Internet that use the letters æ, ø, å, few can actually get access to them.

The problem is that most web browsers are not updated to handle the new letters. The world’s most used web browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, does not give direct access to sites like øl.no, blåbærsyltetøy.no or the Swedish surströmming.se.

Some of the programs, both e-mail and web browsers, are not developed to handle such national signs in addresses.

As a result, Norwegian domaine names like båt.no appear as completely incomprehensible, and therefore, Norid suggests that everyone, who decides to get names with national signs, make two versions of the same name.

The problems are a part of the initial phase in the period of transition, and all web browsers will most likely be updated eventually.

Æ is pronounced as the 'a' in bat, ø as the 'u' in hurt, and å as the 'aw' in saw.

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