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Norwegian lottery found winner in China

Norsk Tipping had a terrible time locating the Norwegian who had crossed off the correct seven boxes and won the jack pot as he had packed his bags and moved to China.

«I have a bottle Christmas kummel here so I guess I’m going to take a sip from that now,» said the pleased man from Sandnes, Norway, when Norsk Tipping finally got a hold of him Sunday.

The lucky winner had moved to China in connection with his work as economy director at a steel mill.

Representatives of Norsk Tipping had first tried to call the man’s Norwegian address, but here they only got his wife who informed them that her husband had left the country.

The prize was NOK 2 million (USD 294.120), but the man took everything with the greatest ease, according to Norsk Tipping.

«I guess I have everything I need, so it would have been easier to answer what would have done with for example NOK 10.000 (USD 1470),» the man answered when asked how he would use his prize money.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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