Norwegian managers keep tabs on e-mails

Foto: (TV 2 Nettavisen/CS)

Norwegian companies monitor their employees much more than other European countries as over half of the companies check workers’ emails.

According to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, the survey conducted by Hitchia Data System revealed the level of surveillance that takes place at Norwegian businesses.

The survey is compiled of anonymous interviews with IT leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

According to the survey, Norwegian leaders are among the most eager to monitor their employees’ electronic communication.

Over half of employers monitor their workers’ email, and 32 percent monitors IM communication. While only 8 percent has no plans of such surveillance, 44 percent stated that they regularly save the employees communication, and 70 percent stated that they have clear rules for IT.

Instant messaging, IM for short, is a service that makes it possible for employees to communicate by text messages with each other sent on the Internet or Intranet. The most famous system is possibly MSN messenger.

According to Hitachi Data Systems, the new regulations make it possible for the companies to save electronic communication like email and IM as long as eight years, and the reason why the number of businesses monitor their employees are the new regulations connected to business responsibilities.

Already now, 44 percent of Norwegian businesses save employees email for as much as three years, which is higher than the average for the 16 countries which participated in the survey.

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