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Norwegian military fires 1200

The Norwegian military must save money, and 1200 employees in the military’s logistics organization will be made redundant this year.

The Norwegian military must cut costs and by the end of 2005 a total of 5000 employees will loose their jobs in addition to equipment and real estate will be reduced, according to a parliamentary resolution.

Norwegian defence logistics organization has 6500 employees who organize support functions for the operative part of the Norwegian military. The number of employees is going to be reduced to 5300 during this year, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

“The main part of the people being made redundant is most likely 50 years old or older,” said Tone Rønoldstangen, head of the labor union Norsk Tjenestemannslag (NTL) in the Norwegian military. “If you are over 50 and you have worked your entire life in a wear house out in the district where it is hard to find new work, it may be most profitable to remain in the position in anticipation of the decision of a labor trial.”

The Norwegian Defence Logistics organization’s goal is to reduce the annual costs of operations with at least NOK 1 billion (USD 123 million). Chief Executive Erik Hernes states that many of the 1200 who will be made redundant are employed in parts of the country where there are not many other jobs available, and he said he believes many on them have to move.

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