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Norwegian minister given armed bodyguards

Armed bodyguards follow the Norwegian minister Erna Solberg wherever she goes after she received death threats this fall.

In Norway only the prime minister has had his or her own bodyguards, but when Erna Solberg received death threats this fall, changes were made. According to the Norwegian paper VG, Solberg had four bodyguards who followed her wherever she went when she participated at a conference about the national budget in Kristiansand Thursday.

The airplane the minister travelled with and the hotel where the conference was held were thoroughly checked before Solberg was allowed to enter.

“It is a little unfamiliar. It is not the same as before, among other things, my husband does more of the shopping because I have to call my bodyguards if I am going out,” said Solberg to VG.

The background for these severe security measures is that the minister received death threats from an asylee this fall. The deemed mentally ill Kurd is now in custody on remand.

Solberg states that she is not afraid.

“No, I feel safe,” Solberg said.


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