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Norwegian perfume among Oscar gifts

The Norwegian perfume «Laila» by Geir Næss is going to be included in the gift sets given to the stars presenting awards at the Oscars.

Film stars like Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger will be given 30 ml perfume in a diamante shaped bottle with the inscription «Laila, The Essence of Norway by Geir Ness, Oscar 2004,» according to the Norwegian paper VG.

The same inscription is embroiled with gold thread on to the hand sown black velvet bag the perfume is presented in.

«I was informed that «Laila» was selected in December,» said Geir Næss to the paper. «They wanted a specially designed bottle for the occasion.»

Næss was formerly a travel guide in Spain, but travelled to the US to launch his own perfume. His products now includes lotion, shower gel, deodorant, sparkling powder, candles and handbags.

According to the paper, Næss has been invited to a number of different talk shows in the US to talk about how he managed to launch his perfume so successfully.

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