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Norwegian relatives furious with Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton’s behavior in the show ”The Simple Life” is making her Norwegian relatives see red. They think she should be stuck in the barn with a dung fork.

In the show “The Simple Life” Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie are supposed to show the world that they can survive an isolated farm. The two rich, blond girls are dealing with the situation by turning the little town upside down and screaming on the top of their lungs every time they encounter insects or living animals.

Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie, left.
Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie, left.

Hilton’s Norwegian relatives who farm are ashamed of her behavior and would have taught her a thing or two about real life if she ever sat her foot on the family farm in Norway.

“If Paris had shown up here, I would have put her in the barn with a dung fork!” said Astrid Hilton. “Paris is prissy and lacks ordinary good manners.”

It was the magazine Se og Hør that visited Hilton’s distant relatives at Kløfta, outside Oslo, the hometown of Hilton’s great grandfather. Astrid stated that their American relatives often came for visits in the 50’s and back then they behaved as people, but then things changed.

“Ten years ago, a bunch of Americans came up here in a limo, wearing white suits. They had a bunch of ladies with them that looked like prostitutes,” Astrid explained. “They said “wow” and took a bunch of pictures before they took off in the long car.”

Stuck up
The show has increased the viewing numbers at TV3, but it is not because of good behavior. Astrid’s daughter is the same age as the American celebrity and she agrees wholeheartedly with her mother:

Lene and Astrid Hilton.
Lene and Astrid Hilton.

“They are stuck up and behave foolish,” stated Lene to the magazine. “She wore high heeled shoes and a mini skirt on a farm.”

Lene is born and raised on the family farm.

Partied with Playboy
Hilton has managed to create a lot of media attention regarding herself, among other things, due to an old sex video which was put on the Internet. This is allegedly some of the reason why the Hilton family’s hotel chain had an increased turnover of 63 percent last year.

The rich young lady appears to enjoy the attention she has gotten lately. In addition to the TV show, she recently participated as a model at a fashion show in Rio de Janeiro. The lady was also one of the hottest guests who attended Playboy’s celebrity party in connection with the Super Bowl this weekend.

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